About Us

US SPEC is the concrete construction chemicals division of US MIX, a cementitious products manufacturer with a manufacturing facility in Denver, CO.  Since 1990, US SPEC has manufactured cementitious non-shrink grouts and concrete repair materials with a foundational commitment for product quality, service, ease-of-use and professionalism.  At US SPEC we are dedicated to facilitating a business culture rooted in integrity, continuous improvement and uncompromising quality.

Product Performance

When working with structural repairs, product performance is paramount.  Our products are manufactured with the care and concern of a true craftsman constantly dialing in our best efforts on a daily basis.  Our product categories have been carefully crafted over years to offer only products related to our core business segments not allowing our catalog to become ‘watered down’. 

Our core segments include C1107 structural grout, concrete repair materials, concrete curing compounds and form releases.  Each product is carefully formulated by our chemists and tested in both a conditioned laboratory as well as harsh practical environments to ensure our products meet our highest standards performing as designed in all environments prior to going to market.

Product Presentation

We take pride in every facet of our business.  Our products will look perfect upon arrival because no corners will be cut.  We provide sharp graphics, clean/strong packaging, and durable pallets that are always wrapped and covered protecting the contents from moisture intrusion.  We are proud to say our product presentation is second to none.

Research and Development

US SPECs dedicated lab staff and chemists diligently research and formulate ways to improve our current products and, when necessary, formulate new ones.  At US SPEC we are not a “me too” manufacturer.  We specialize in what we know and do best; to produce a solid group of products we can lean on in complete confidence.

Additionally when formulating it is also important to focus on attributes secondary to performance such as aesthetics of the final application; color, finish and texture are of vital importance.


US SPEC is adamant about continuous improvement and sees this taking place by rising to meet technical challenges and advancement.  In doing so, US SPEC associates are in close contact with our raw material suppliers as well as active members of numerous trade associations to ensure US SPEC is current regarding industry standards, test methods, specifications, trends and technologies.  A few notable associations we participate in are the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI), Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), ASTM International, the American Segmental Bridge Institute (ASBI) and the Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI).

We have a full-time Technical Director and Coordinator who aim to provide understandable content in the midst of technical jargon. 


We have a dedicated DOT division within our Technical Department that is dedicated to pursuing DOT approvals for our products across the country.  We are steadily growing our approvals month-by-month.  Our deteriorating infrastructure will continue to be a growing concern for decades to come and US SPEC plans to be there with the necessary approved products. Please see our DOT approved products list for a complete listing.


The marketing department at US SPEC works to add value to our products and tell our story.  Through a variety of channels including mailers, brochures, catalogs, project profiles and our website, we help our customers understand and select the best product for their project.  We also work as strategic partners to our distributors to create innovative marketing materials to help sell US SPEC products.


Discretion and accuracy are cornerstones of our Administrative Department.  Accuracy of billing, statements and all transactions are of major importance.  Our administrative staff is trained to always be respectful of other business systems, to remain flexible, friendly and prompt. We recognize that superior customer service is important to our customers and we work hard to achieve that every day.


Our strength. We employ a deep commitment and passion for your company’s goals in establishing a product line modeled after your values. US SPEC will develop, at our expense, a COMPLETE PRIVATE LABEL PROGRAM including packaging, literature, MSDS, point-of-purchase materials, profiles, mailers and more.