For Architects

Many US SPEC products are designed for specific uses so it is important proper and understandable instructions for use are provided which we accomplish with our Technical Data Sheets (TDS).  However, with varying degrees of projects TDS instructions may simply not supply enough ‘project specific’ detailed information to facilitate clear, concise and complete specification development.  In this section we provide Guide Specifications for our products to promote and assist in proper specification development.  Please contact us should you require more information.

Guide Specs

Bonding Agents & Admixtures


Cementitious Floor Products

Flow Top HD

Self Leveling Underlayment

Dense Top

Concrete Curing

AMS 3754 White

Maxcure Resin Clear

Maxcure Resin White

Maxcure Wax White

PAMS 701 White

Concrete Sealing and Floor Treatments

Hydrasheen 30

BRS 25

CS 25 1315

CS 30 1315

Hydrasheen 15


Grouting and Anchoring

Anchoring Cement

FS Grout

GP Grout

MP Grout

Restoration and Repair





Hydraulic Cemeent

MS Gunnite

Polypatch FR

STR Mortar

TP Mortar

Transpatch Concrete


V/O Patch