Dura is a styrene butadiene cement bonding agent and admixture that is specifically formulated to increase the flexural, bond and early and overall compressive strength of modified mixes.  Both lab testing and field applications show increased performance in these key areas.  Dura can be used as an admixture to greatly enhance the adhesion of cement mortars as well as improve resistance to oil, water, salt and chemical penetration.  Dura exhibits excellent resistance to freeze/thaw cycles and can be used for interior or exterior applications. 


1 gal, 5 gal and 55 gal


  • Ideal for bonding new concrete to new concrete or new concrete to old concrete in interior and exterior applications
  • Use with cementitious compositions such as patching materials, grouts, masonry coatings, stucco coatings and masonry mortars to increase chemical resistance and performance

Physical Properties


Milky White

Solids Content


Products Standards & Approvals


Section Number

ASTM C1059, Type I and II

03 30 53 Misc. Cast-In-Place Concrete