R3 is a high performance, rapid setting, rapid hardening, high-early strength concrete patching material designed for horizontal, vertical and overhead applications. R3 is a blend of carefully selected portland cements, selected aggregates and proprietary admixtures. R3 provides outstanding resistance to the damaging effects of freeze/thaw cycles and deicing solutions. R3 is easy to use, non-sag and creamy in texture. Additionally R3 can be shaped-to-form once sufficient set is achieved. 


50 lb bags


R3 is ideal for a wide variety of concrete surface repairs:

  • Precast concrete products
  • Tilt-up panels
  • Curbs and steps
  • Foundations
  • Columns
  • Sidewalks
  • Bridges

Physical Properties

Compressive Strength (ASTM C109)

3 Hours

1 Day

7 Days

28 Days

3,500 psi

5,000 psi

6,000 psi

7,000 psi

Rate of Set (ASTM C266)

Working Time






Products Standards & Approvals


Section Number

ASTM C928 R3

03 01 00 Maintenance of Concrete