The following are pictures of a MP Grout dry pack application. A dry pack application will result in high strengths and faster strength gains over a fluid application. Dry pack applications, when possible, also do not need as much form work to be built. The material is placed from one side of the area to be grouted. The other side is braced to allow the compaction of the grout. To ensure good consolidation the grout needs to be compacted, in this case a block of wood was used to do this.  The grout is mix with just enough water so that when a handful is grabbed and squeezed it stays together. After placing the grout is finished and cured. Wet burlap was used on this project. Prior to placing the grout even with a dry pack consistency the substrate should be saturated surface dry (SSD), this means wetting the existing substrate but not having any standing water. This prevents the dry substrate from wicking moisture from the freshly placed grout.  

MP Grout

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