These photos are a slab where the surface was over-watered during application. When finishing concrete it is not recommended to add water as your finish. While it may make application easier, it will compromise the water to cement ratio is resulting in a weak surface layer.  These surfaces will start to show wear much sooner than anticipated. In high use areas or areas where freeze thaw cycles happen, the deterioration will appear even sooner.

For this slab it was recommend the entire slab be mechanically abraded by either scarifying the concrete or use a shot-blasting machine.  Once all the loose unsound material is removed, it was recommended that US SPEC H2 be applied as a topping that can be broom finished.

When finishing concrete in hot/windy weather the use of a monomolecular form filming agent is recommended. These materials, such as US SPEC Monofilm, are designed to give finishers more time to work in hot windy weather by forming a temporary film on the surface of the concrete, preventing rapid drying at the surface.

H2 Monofilm ER

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