Denver Union Station

Denver, CO 2012-2014
PRODUCT(S) USED: 3-2-1, Maxcure Resin Clear, Maxcure Wax White, Ezkote Green


On July 30, 2010, the US Department of Transportation announced that the station had received a $300 million grant to construct three light-rail tracks and eight heavy-rail tracks for both intercity and commuter rail serves, as well as additional storage and servicing capabilities. 

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Denver Union Station


Cementitious Smoothing and Resurfacing Coating

Maxcure Resin Clear

Water-Emulsion, Dissipating Resin Curing Compound

Maxcure Wax White

Water-Emulsion, Wax-Based Curing Compound

Ezkote Green

Multi-Use, Non-Petroleum, Reactive Form Release